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OpusCafe Opus is located just inside the Ikon Gallery in Oozells Square. Go in through the main door, turn right and you are there!
The cafe is light, bright and contemporary. The tables and chairs are modern and stylish but they haven’t added too much more to what is a lovely space.
We were greeted as we walked in and we found our own seats. It was empty at this point but lots of tables had reserved signs on for later- good to know you can do that.
We were given a few moments to settle down and look at the drinks list before a staff member approached us. We both went for flat whites. These were decent enough, a pleasant drink for breakfast but nothing to blow you away.
The food menu is full of tasty and fresh day time treats. I like that they do an all day brunch menu, it’s nice to eat around 11 on a weekend! They have a full English as well as egg dishes (e.g. Benedict, Royale…) and the one that caught my eye…. pancakes!
The pancakes are ‘Buckwheat’. I haven’t tried this before so I was unsure what to expect. I had mine with maple syrup and bacon which is one of my favourite ever breakfast dishes. The pancakes did have a different textureOpus to usual pancakes, they were softer and fell apart more easily. I really liked them- they soaked up the syrup beautifully and were a perfect match with the bacon. I believe you can also have fruit and pancakes.
I have to talk about the bacon as it’s definitely some of the best bacon I’ve tried. It was deliciously thick but not over the top. My boyfriend, Edd had a Full English and his meal featured that wonderful bacon too. He was pleased to spot that the sausages were from Tamworth pigs too! He enjoyed his breakfast and liked the option to have bread toasted or not.
As we ate, the place started to fill up with young families, couples and mum and daughter pairs. There are lots of delicious looking cakes available and the main meals look fabulous too.
Service was polite and relaxed. The prices are slightly above average but the great quality ingredients justify them. OpusOverall I can’t fault it and can’t wait to revisit for lunch.

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