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I was invited by Andrew at Food Birmingham to go and try Edwards in Erdington, I was intrigued as I had never heard of it before but very much looking forward to it! It was a surprise when we arrived at a furniture store, Cookes but I was informed that the restaurant was above it, after looking at the menu online I was excited to try the food as it sounded very good.

On entering, the restaurant was very busy! It was bank holiday Monday but I wasn’t expecting to be as busy as it was. This is always a good sign though. We were shown to our table and left with the menus. The waitress, who I think was Michelle was very friendly and welcoming, she introduced herself and even though she was rushing around as it was so busy, she kept her cool and remained professional. There was another waitress on duty too, I didn’t catch her name though. They did explain that they were short staffed which explained why they were so busy.

The decor was lovely and it was very bright, clean and tidy.

Michelle took our drinks order, which did take quite a while to come to us but I understand it was very busy. Our food order was taken quickly and they hadn’t run out of anything. Our food came very quickly though, which was good as we were both starving!

Crusty Bread & Minestrone Soup

Thai Fishcakes

The starters came within 10 minutes and were served on warm plates, which is always a good start in my eyes! The portion sizes were the perfect size too, they weren’t too big or too small. Tom throughly enjoyed his soup and said it was full of flavour and the crusty bread was served warm and tasted very fresh.My fishcake was very good too, it was soft and full of flavour with a crunchy breaded outer. The salad was a nice extra touch and it all worked very well together. I really enjoyed this starter. I feel they were very good value for money too.I was excited for the mains after the starters as they were very good. Again, the mains came very quickly after we finished our starters.Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Panni


Homemade Beef Burger with Cheese & Bacon
Both of the main courses were very good sized portions too, especially for the price – I think you definitely get good value for money.
We shared the panni and burger by having half each so we could try each others food, the panni was delicious, it was crusty and fresh and there was a generous amount of filling. The bacon was cooked perfectly and the brie was yummy and melted and it went so well with the cranberry.
The burger was good too, the beef was tasty and full of flavour but my burger bun was a little bit hard but only slightly so it wasn’t too much of an issue! The chips were delicious! They were served boiling hot, were crunchy on the outside and soft not he fluffy in the middle, very good chips!
We both really enjoyed our main courses and definitely left feeling satisfied and full, I think the food is excellent value for money as the portions are big and the food is tasty.
We wanted desserts but we were so full that we had to get them to takeaway – Tom got the Carrot Cake and I went for Double Fudge Cake (definite day of the diet!) We ate them later that evening and both were delicious, they were moist, sweet and just the right size, amazing value for money for £3.25! I really enjoyed them.
Over all, a very good experience at Edwards – it is definitely a hidden gem as you wouldn’t know it was there unless you were in Cookes shopping. But, you should give it a try! The food is very good, the service was excellent, the girls did brilliantly considering how busy it was and it is very good value for money! They do an afternoon tea which looked delicious, I would like to return and try that.
*Thank you to Andrew and Laura for arranging this meal, it was paid for but all opinions are my own, as always.
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