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So getting back into the swing of things for 2016, I decided to go take a quick visit to a recommended burger joint, you will have heard of it- Five Guys. Basically me and the Mrs have started a challenge where each week one of us picks a type of cuisine or dish and battle to see who can find the best restaurant for that particular dish. This week it is burger week and she’s picked Five Guys.

Now Birmingham is big on burgers and there are plenty of places to choose from. I certainly will be picking somewhere different for my challenger so watch out for that post. Nevertheless back to Five Guys in New Street… Or is it called Grand Central?

We walked in and its very McDonalds-esk with a long counter, plastic and easy wipeable tables, exactly what you expect from a fast growing franchise chain. I opted for a cheese burger with plenty of filling which you pick over the counter. Coming to a whopping £8.50 for one burger with no sides, I was expecting more than what I received.

I had the Cajun fries with my burger which cost another £3.00 or so but they were generous with the portion sizes. The burger was nothing crazy special and the best way to describe it would be a thicker version of a big mac. If I’m being totally honest I may have preferred to have 4 big macs stacked up.

Although my Mrs loved the place and was still loving it after the meal, I personally wouldn’t be going back in a rush, not with the burger talent to choose from elsewhere. Watch out for my burger meal next week.

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