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So you may have seen the hype on social media about Rub Smokehouse & Bar with its crazy amounts of food and mouth watering meat platters… so what’s it like in real life? Located on Broad Street, it’s not the easiest to find and you have to keep an eye out for the quirky signs. Once you spot the #RubYourself logo – you’re there, so make your way up the elevators into Rub Smokehouse & Bar where your journey begins. Once in, the place is huge with plenty of spacious seating. There’s a great vibe upon entering, with the mix of great music and energetic staff which creates an exciting ambiance. Throughout my whole meal the waiters, waitresses and management were amazing, very attentive and kept a smile on my face. For the brand the service could not have matched it more, I would often glance over to see the staff laughing and joking with each other and guests and generally dancing around which gave me a sense of homeliness and relaxation which I suppose you need for when the food comes and later on your taking off your belt!

Rub Smokehouse & Bar starter

So to the food… I began with crackling and pigs in blankets. I’ve never ordered this in a restaurant in my life so they we’re certainly the best pig in blankets I’ve ever tasted, both came with a complimenting dip that made it all the more yummy. Now I’m a big eater, although I’ve began to diet more over the last few months so I’ve lost my ‘man vs food’ titles but I can still can get a more than normal sized meal down me pretty easily. I decided to order the sharing platter called ‘#HungDawnandQuartered’ which consists of… And I quote ‘2 buffalo wings, full rack of ribs, pulled pork, brisket, whole chicken, 2 corn dogs, 2 sliders and 4 sides to choose from!’

Rub Smokehouse & Bar main


The verdict… It was awesome! The chicken wings were spot on, the ribs were melting off the bone and the added mini burgers were a mini treat. I couldn’t finish it all but there are stacks and stacks of doggy bags to take home your leftovers to prevent food wastage. We then were presented with an array of cocktails to taste which as you can see from the photo were anything from ordinary. So in order left to right – AMERICAN VOODOO (rum based), LADY LIBERTY (Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Sauvignon Blanc), DECLARATION OF GIN DEPENDENCE (Gin based), BROOKLYN HOMICIDE (Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Brooklyn Beer). Each one intriguing and strong as F*** which will always kickstart your night off well after that much food.

Rub Smokehouse & Bar cocktails crazy


After a filling main which left us belly bursting it was only fair to finish off our experience with a small desert. We both opted for the brownies on offer. There is the option of the ‘kitchen sink’ which a quick Google of will amaze you but I certainly couldn’t of handled the calories! The brownie wasn’t too special but just done right and done well.

Rub Smokehouse & Bar deserts brownie

I’ve just looked at a few reviews on TripAdvisor which have annoyed me – quote ‘Waaay too loud’. I feel like replying and asking what they were expecting at a American BBQ joint located on Broad Street which has a crazy amount of meat to eat?!? This is a lively place and it’s for a reason, this is how Rub want it to be. Don’t go if you’re a party pooper because you won’t enjoy it. Do go if you love meat and you want a ruddy good time.

Myself and my partner really did love our time at Rub and will be going back again. This cheeky brand (as they like to call themselves) have created a restaurant with a real buzz which is refreshing to see amongst Birmingham’s strong dining scene.

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