Turkish delight in the city

On a busy Friday night I was invited to dine at the Turkish restaurant Rod Roj. Located just off the Queensway road on Smallbrook Queensway, this city centre location will suit many in the area. It’s hard to describe the setting for Rod Roj as it’s a mix between sit down eatery and quick kebab getaway which are totally opposite. The confusion of restaurant style aside, let’s talk food!

If you’re a big eater, this is the place for you. Authentic, large and tasty dishes can come thick and fast to your pleasure.


Rod Roj Pizza

Garlic bread sticks with dips

Rod Roj Starter

Traditional Turkish Salad


Rod Roj Pizza

Rod Rog Extra tomato and extra cheese Pizza.

I’m not too picky when it comes to Pizza but I can appreciate when one has been cooked well and has some real taste to it. Not daring to be too adventurous with my order, Rod Roj delivered a textbook thick based cheese and tomato pizza. All I know was it was made from scratch and it was bloody tasty.

Rod Roj Kebab

Rod Rog special sharing kebab platter.

A mix of various meats ranging from lamb kebab, chicken breast, chicken wings and adana kebab, this again filling dish satisfied my meaty needs.


Rod Roj Coffee

Shot of coffee and Turkish Sweet desert.

Service was friendly and attentive too. I liked the personal touch of the new head chef popping out to see us at our table and introduce the dishes. You could tell that this was a guy who knew his stuff about Turkish food and had a passion for it too. I like to see this in the restaurant industry and Birmingham certainly has a vast amount of these types of chefs/owners who really care about the food.

Overall I wouldn’t say I will be taking my Mrs here for a romantic dinner but that’s not what it’s designed for. Worth a quick visit if in the area and need a foodie fix.

After a delightful meal I was happy to invite the Rod Roj guys to work with us at Food Birmingham. Now all members can receive 25% off their bill with a Food Birmingham Card. Enjoy.

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