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We here at Food Birmingham love new restaurants and businesses coming to Birmingham. Not only do these new start-ups put Birmingham on the dining map but gives us that sense of something to be proud of. So, let us introduce you to… Yumzee!

Yumzee, a new way of social dining has launched in the city, and is a great new way of connecting people through food!

Using an online platform, Yumzee connects those who love to cook, with those who love food and great company, in a unique and authentic home dining experience. Think AirBnB meets ‘Come Dine With Me’.

Members of the Yumzee community that are passionate about cooking can create a pop up restaurant from their own home, publish the meal on the website, get cooking and start earning. Other Yumzee members can then sign up to the meal, try a new authentic cuisine, and join an amazing social dining experience – starting the meal as strangers, leaving it as friends!

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Yumzee has seen some wonderful meals such as an Indian taste of home, a summer BBQ with a live band, burgers and beer, and a vegetarian Mexican night. Though suspicious first, Jane absolutely enjoyed it: “What an amazing time, met wonderful people, enjoyed a delicious home-made meal and didn’t even have to go far. I promised the group that next time I’m hosting.‘’

From local home cooks to previous head chefs of renowned Birmingham restaurants, you can find a variety of national and international cuisines that have all one thing in common – they are made with passion and care.

Now, sign up as a host or a guest and join the dining revolution that is cooking up in the kitchen near you! www.yumzee.co.uk


For more information on Yumzee;

  • www.yumzee.co.uk
  • https://www.facebook.com/Yumzee-154140481612878/?fref=ts
  • https://twitter.com/EatYumzee
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